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º Package Components
PVC bag / Poly bag / PVC strap /
Nylon strap / Plastic chain(White)

º Material
PVC, Polyester, Nylon

º Size
17cmx21cmx5cm - PVC bag
15cmx20cm - Poly bag
120cm - Nylon strap / PVC strap
100cm - Plastic chain

The first system of Mimesis, sys.001

º With the contemporary design, the package  proposes a new way of combining and separating components to create a harmony within the system.

º The bag's overall square shape, circular metal parts, and the triangular symbol represented by six circles demonstrate a complete harmony between design and functionality of the bag.

º Metal components of the bag  are nickel-plated to match with the PVC material, which make it look stylish and polished. The metal zipper is also used to give a sense of unity. It is made of 0.8mm thick PVC fabric for durability and shape, and finished with white stitching to enhance the design. The DWR coated poly bag is offered in six different colors, carefully selected by Mimesis. Various fabrics and colors will be added in future to allow customers to customize their own bag. 


































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● The delivery can be delayed due to courier delay, weather conditions, and other unusual conditions.

● Please note that the price of goods does not include shipping, customs duty & tax charges.


Shipping cost

● Asia - 20$

● Other countries -30$



72.00 USD
Additional Price
Out of Stock
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